Poção's Flight

Mega zipline over Jacaré Pepira river

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The Poção Flight is a mega zipline that allows the tourist to fly over 1000 meters of distance over the Jacaré Pepira rapids in Brotas.

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The activity begins in a belvedere 20 meters from the ground from where it is already possible to appreciate the whole valley that will be traveled through the air. The tourist, seated in a sling and fastened by two pulleys, begins the descent by sliding the cable to reach the platform on the other side of the river. Without descending to the ground, it crosses a new bid across the Jacaré river until the landing, on the Poção's Beach.

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Weight: maximum 110 kg

Height: from 1m20



What clothing should I wear to do the Poção's Flight?

Flexible clothes and a closed shoes. As the activity ends at Poção Beach, take the opportunity to wear a swimsuit underneath and take a dip in one of the region's cleanest rivers.

Can Children do the Poção Flight?

Children over 1.20 m tall can do it.

Are the equipment safe?

All equipment is certified and has the UEE seal.

How does security management work in Alaya's activities?

The Poção Flight operation has a safety management system in place, the SGS. All risks were listed and treated within a risk and severity table. In addition, through a system of continuous improvement, the risk table is always updated and the system audited annually.

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