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Caninismo, or rapel in the waterfalls, is the exploration of gorges and canyons at the headwaters of the rivers, using techniques like abseiling, hopping, swimming, hiking and, possibly, other vertical techniques.

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The path is the river with its rapids, waterfalls, wells and rocks covered by the forest. The activity requires some ability to walk on the stones of the rivers, a rather irregular floor. It is an adventure activity for those who like a lot of adrenaline and excitement.


In this activity clients come in direct contact with the water, with the rocks, trees and all the exuberant nature of Brotas.


In Brotas there are some options of Canonism:

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Canyoneering Alligator:

In this canyon the practice of abseiling happens in three waterfalls interconnected by trails. Waterfall of the Plant 6 meters (for training), Waterfall São Sebastião 25 meters and Waterfall Jacaré 38 meters. These three waterfalls make up the adventure with its beautiful landscapes, where you can see monkeys, quatis, toucans and refresh themselves with a delicious waterfall bath. On site, complete structure: locker room with hot showers, snack bar, shower deck on the dam, kiosks, roundabout and a volleyball court on the grass and ample parking.

Canyonismo Cassorova:

The Cassorova canyoning begins on a trail that leads to the Cassorova Waterfall, where guided rappel is used to overcome two sets of waterfalls. In the second part of the activity, the canyon of the Quatis Waterfall canyon is explored, 46 meters high on a water walk until reaching a second fall where another rappel is made.


Minimum age: 12 years / full river, 14 years

Weight: 110 kg

River Level for operation: Verification by Activity Coordinator



What is the duration of the activity?

The duration of Canionism is approximately half-time.


What to take?

- Clothing of soft and flexible fabrics (it will get wet);

- Underwear;

- Tennis or footwear suitable for aquatic activities (compulsory)

- Sunscreen and lipstick, repellent;

- Dry clothing and shoes for exchange;

- It is necessary to arrive 15 minutes in advance for each reserved activity;

- We do not recommend jeans clothes that weigh heavily if wet.


Does it include Transportation?

No. To perform this activity, participants should go to the place with their own vehicle.

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