Full moon Rafting

The most memorable experience of your life!

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The full moon Rafting is a modality with the same principles of the daytime activity, but realized in nights of full moon. The starry sky, without buildings and without pollution of the big cities, under the moon, makes the rapids of the Jacaré River in Brotas getting a silver tone.

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What is already the best of Brotas can be perfect with the guarantee of the safety of your tour. Alaya has developed a rigorous Security Management System, now certified and internationally recognized through the ISO 21101 standard, to ensure fun and safety for all Alayanos.

They are boats for up to 7 people, besides the guide. Children from 1.50m can do the full moon rafting without limit of age, just have the disposition and the courage to face the challenge. A perfect combination of excitement, nature and safety in the best rafting spot in Brazil.

Alaya's full moon Rafting departs on dates already pre-established according to the lunar calendar, you just have to schedule your tour in advance.


The meeting point is at our base in the city center, which offers the best and most complete structure of the city, providing comfort and convenience for our guests. We provide free lockers and jackets, we have a large covered instruction room for safety instructions, bathrooms, wifi, rental of slippers for the activity, etc. The participant must appear 30 minutes in advance. After initial explanations and safety guidelines, we continue with our transportation to our training base, where we practice the main commands of paddling and safety in a lake before beginning the descent. It will be approximately 8km of great emotion and nature, providing an authentic and unforgettable experience. After the activity our transport will be waiting for the participants with hot chocolate, water and a cachaça with honey and we return to our base. This tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

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10 minutes - Time for setting up at our base, use of the bathrooms, locker rooms, rental of slippers

15 minutes - Safety instructions and division of teams

15 minutes - Moving from our base in the center to the training base

10 minutes - Stretching, equipment adjustment and training on the lake

90 minutes - 8 km of Rafting descent

10 minutes - Arrival with water, juice and dripping with honey

15 minutes - Travel to our agency in the city center


Height: From 1m50

Need to know how to swim.



Is the zip line included?

No, for safety reasons we do not operate the zipline at night.

How long is the activity?

The duration is 3 hours, from the beginning of the instructions to the return to the base of the Alaya, the distance traveled within the river is 8km.

What time should I arrive at the agency?

So that there is more comfort in your activity and to avoid any unforeseen, we recommend that everyone arrive 30 minutes before the activity time.

Who can enjoy the full moon Rafting?

It is necessary to have more than 1,50m and to know how to swim.

What equipment does the participant use?

Helmet, life jacket and paddle.

What should I wear?

It is necessary to use closed shoes, if you do not have or do not want to use yours, Alaya offers special shoe rental.

Can I bring GoPro?

Yes, we have helmets with support for GoPro but because of the darkness, your GoPro won't be able ti film anything.

Do you have photo services?

No, because of the obscurity we do not offer the photo service during the full moon rafting.

Is the moonlight the only light or is it used with lanterns?

Just from the moonlight. Neon bracelets are distributed to participants so they stand out during the ride.

In case of rain, does the activity happen in the same way?

Yes, the activity will only be aborted in the event of strong storms with constant lightning.

Is Neoprene Rental Available?

No, there are no company in Brotas with that kind of rental equipment, but we offer jackets.

Is it better to have dinner before or after the activity?

It is better to eat at least a little before the activity to recharge the batteries, but the choice is yours.

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