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Mini-Rafting is an activity similar to Rafting, but done in a different way. The river of Alto Jacaré permits the participation of children from 3 years, because this stretch is much quieter and calmer. There is also the possibility to take your pet for an incredible experience!

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The Mini-Rafting is the only one in town that includes day use at the Poção, an ecopark. Our base offers locker rooms, toilets, wifi, lockers and restaurant during weekends and holidays.

Alaya guarantees its safety in this activity through a rigorous Safety Management System developed for white water activities, today certified and internationally recognized through the ISO 21101 standard, to ensure the fun and safety for all Alayans.

The instructors of this activity are all trained within our SGS (Safety Management System), with a CMC course (Minimum Skills for Adventure Guides) and First Aid Course done by the Fire Department of the State of São Paulo .


The Mini-Rafting happens in the Poção, our ecopark, located 4 km from the city and easy to reach. The participants of this activity can enjoy the infrastructure of the Poção Brotas. The route is one of the most beautiful landscapes that the Jacaré Pepira River can offer, with tunnels of trees, pebbles, passage under the railway line, etc. The adventure guide will lead you all the way. To do this activity is necessary to be at least 3 years old.

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10 minutes - Time for setting up at our base, use of bathrooms, locker rooms.

10 minutes - Safety instructions and positionning equipment

30 minutes - 2km of river descent in rapids and backwaters

5 minutes - Walk back to base


From 3 years old



Who can do it?

Anyone over 3 years old.

What equipment is used?

The participant uses a lifejacket, a paddle and a helmet. All Alaya activities require closed footwear.

In case of rain, does the activity happen in the same way?

Yes, the activity will only be aborted in the event of strong storms with constant lightning.

Can my dog go alone?

No, it is necessary to have the owner in the boat.

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