Air Pass

The three best vertical activities in a combo!

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Alaya's Air Pass gives you access to the Poça7o, a natural park that's simple and magical! On site you can enjoy hammocks, slackline, trails, access to the Poção's Beach and floating deck. Our base offers changing rooms, restrooms, drinking fountain, wifi, locker rentals and restaurant during weekends and holidays.

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Alaya ensures your safety in this activity through a strict Safety Management System developed for vertical activities, today certified and internationally recognized through ISO 21101, to ensure fun and safety for all Alayanos. In addition to the helmet and the car seat, we use rails and wagons, an innovation developed by Alaya to ensure greater safety during the activity, keeping participants tied to the continuous cable life from beginning to end.

The instructors of this activity are all trained and trained within our SGS (Safety Management System), with CMC (Minimum Skills for Adventure Drivers) and First Aid Course with refresher semester held by the São Paulo State Fire Department. .

Children from 1.20m can already perform this activity, which does not require previous experience or specific skills, just courage and concentration just to hit the movements and evolve along the way.


Alaya's Air Pass takes place at the Poção, our nature park, located 4 km from the city. Participants of this activity can enjoy the infrastructure of the Poção. The trail is made in the middle of the forest for bird, monkey and tree contemplation, and allows a greater contact with the environment and contemplation of nature. Adventure drivers follow up all the way. To perform this activity it is necessary to have a minimum of 1.20m and a maximum of 110kg.

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10 minutes - Time to settle in our base, use of restrooms, changing rooms.

10 minutes - Safety instructions and placement of safety equipment

60 minutes - Tree climbing 

30 minutes - Poção's flight

20 minutes - Skyrider


Height: From 1m20 / max 110kg



How long is the activity?

Duration is 2 hours to 3 hours and may vary up or down according to the amount of participants and / or group performance.

Where is the activity performed?

The Air Pass takes place at the base of the Poção. Getting around to the base is up to the participant.

Who can do it? Maximum age and minimum height?

People under 110kg and over 1.20 meters are able, regardless of age.

Is any special equipment required? What about shoes, can you go barefoot?

The participant uses a standard upright equipment: harness, helmet, carabiners, wagon.

In case of rain, does the activity happen the same way?

Yes, the activity will only be aborted in case of heavy thunderstorms with constant lightning.

What to wear or wear?

We recommend light clothing that allows high mobility, closed shoes such as sneakers or crocs are required to perform the activity.

Will I get wet sometime?

No, our route has no contact with water at any time.

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