Climbing & Abseiling

Two challenges in one!

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These are vertical activities that complement the canopy circuit or can serve as technical training for future challenges such as "Canionismo". The climbinghas 6 tracks with different levels of difficulty, allowing everyone to participate in this activity. Our abseiling platform is 15m high and guarantees the best view on the valley.

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Our base offers locker rooms, toilets, water cooler, wifi, leasing of lockers and at weekends and holidays restaurant.

Alaya guarantees its safety in this activity through a rigorous Security Management System developed for vertical and white water activities, today certified and internationally recognized through the ISO 21101 Standard, to guarantee fun and safety for all Alayanos.

The instructors of this activity are all trained and trained within our SGS (Safety Management System, with CMC course (Minimum Competences for Adventure Drivers) and First Aid Course with semester recycling done by the Fire Department of the State of São Paulo.

The Rappel and Climbing of Alaya is available every day in 4 hours, two in the morning and two in the afternoon (holidays can change times), you only have to schedule your tour in advance.


The abseiling and climbing happens in the Poção, our  ecopark, located 4 km from the city and with easy access. The participants of this activity can enjoy the infrastructure of the Poção Brotas. The activities are carried out in environments set up specifically for these activities, always with adventure guides conducting the activity.

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10 minutes - Time for setting up at our base, use of bathrooms, locker rooms.

10 minutes - Safety instructions and time to put equipment.

30 minutes - Activity (depends on the development of each one)


Height: From 1m20

Weight: Maximum 110kg



How long is the activity?

Approximately 45 minutes, may vary according to the amount of people or level of participants.

Where does the activity take place?

Abseiling and climbing take place in the Poção, the transport to the base is on the participant's behalf.

Who can do it?

People over 1.20 meters and weighing less than 110 kg.

How high is abseiling?

The descent is 15 meters high. The climbing wall is 10 meters high.

In case of rain, does the activity happen in the same way?

Yes, the activity will only be aborted in the event of strong storms with constant lightning.

I bought the activity, can I do it at various times of the day?

No, activity can only be performed in one of the available schedules.

Do you have a photo service? Can I use the cell phone?

It does not have photo service. It is possible to take the cell phone to the activity, but under your total responsibility.

Do you need any special equipment? Regarding the shoes, can you go barefoot? 

The participant uses standard equipment for canopy: a climbing harness, helmet. All Alaya activities require closed-toe shoes (sneakers, crocs, etc..).

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