The objective of this forum is to share the best techniques of competitive rafting with support of advanced pedagogic support. Participants will get to understand how brazil became world leader in competitive rafting.


The event will be split in three items :

1) Daily trainings and workshops on each of the four categories of competitive rafting : sprint, H2H, slalom, downriver.

2) Rafting contest to put into pratice what has been learned during the workshop.

3) Enjoy the scenery and outdoor activities of Brotas, brazilian capital for outdoor activities.

Organization is managed by Alaya, brazilian reference for adventure.

Alaya has all is activities certified by ISO and participated actively in the whole development of competitive rafting in Brotas since 2005 (Alaya Bozo de Agua won two world titles 2007 & 2009 and Alaya competition won four world titles 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

Workshops will include discussions about competitive rafting, phisiology, psychologic preparation, sustainable tourism, safety and risk management under ISO standard, among others.

Pedagogy : the chosen pedagogic method is a constant flow between theory and pratice with strong AV support. After each training, participants will gather with their team coach to watch films of their own performances and check how to improve. Team coaches (1 coach à 5 participants) will all be world champions.